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My pair of cuties :)

It took me about two hours to get ready, and yet my boyfriend was still late. See how I looked waiting for him to come pick me up. I swear. If i fell asleep, no more date for him!

Burberry on a Saturday. 

Looks like many of us enjoyed the private shopping :) 

Ribbon cutting, Confetti popping, and Private shopping

Forever21 SM Lanang Davao is officially open :)

(c) Gladys Estares

Forever21 Fashion Show featuring DJ Callum 

(c) Gladys Estares

(c) Karl Jarabelo 

Getting with friends and meeting new people who were there at the premier. Gosh. Beautiful people were everywhere. 

(c) Gladys Estares

(c) Karl Jarabelo 

Mouth watering pica pica served while waiting for the Forever21 Fashion Show to start.

(c) Gladys Estares

Special thanks to cm recto BDO branch manager ms. Josie Ortiz (the lady in red) for providing me an on the spot VIP pass for the premier opening of Forever21 SM Lanang. I would also like to acknowledge the very accommodating staff of BDO cm recto branch. I humbly appreciate the time and effort they took to provide me with what I needed at the very last minute during a busy day. Thank you so much and may God bless you always.

And of course, to the man who almost makes everything possible, thank you to Mr. Roberto Bautista Plana of BSP. My sincere apology po for interrupting your council meeting. I love you, daddy. Thank you. 

(c) Gladys Estares

keep calm…FOR WHAT?! (keeping calm is a shame)

I see keep calm posters almost everywhere, and as much as i want to take the advice to keep calm…I AM NEVER CALM (Totally far from being chill) So here’s something for a change…my unfortunate REALITY :)  

Like, honestly! How can i ever keep my cool when someone or something is totally pissing me off? Seriously, keeping calm is like the worst thing I can do to myself (I don’t know about you, but i know this about me).

It’s like, one way of generating a ticking bomb within you waiting to get accumulated before it explodes. Or maybe like, creating a button for self-destruct. But whatever it is, trust me. It can do major damage! 

Keeping calm is one way of repressing bad vibes, and reality is, the more you “keep calm” and repress yourself, the higher the chances your outburst will look ugly :)

Weeks ago, my boyfriend and i were like, having some kind of technical difficulties (yes, we’re machines. hahaha! kidding) In other words, we were having issues at a whole new level with our relationship. As much as i wanted to be nice to him for the love of our relationship despite his crappy attitude, I became the complete opposite. Trust me, soap operas have no say. I totally slapped telenovela in the face with chicken curry! Yes, chicken curry. 

Since my hand has a mind of its own, it probably thought “Ah! spilling anything liquid is too mainstream. Why don’t i try throwing Joan’s chicken curry to this guys face?” AND THERE YOU HAVE IT…my hand disgraced me without my conscious permission. It humiliated my boyfriend, and also my friend who was with us, and of course…yours truly. Honestly, it wasn’t me. It was my hand. 

Moral Lesson and Conclusion: We are human beings. It is in our nature to feel and react to different situations and conditions. KEEPING CALM won’t cut it (for me, at least) most especially when your at the brink of just losing it. It’s better to vent out the bad vibes you take in, rather than pretend it’s okay and eventually explode or breakdown. That way, when all bad vibes are released, vibes of relief will be restored. Just imagine taking and venting as a cycle, when you repress (keeping calm=pretending), it clogs the flow of the cycle until it’s accumulated, causing a breakdown or an outburst in order to retain the normal flow of the cycle. 


LOVE yourself for who you really are and
BE HAPPY. Life is much better when you embrace yourself BOLDLY and FREELY.

Take the BEST things out of the worst, and always be THANKFUL. We are always BLESSED, even if we're doubtful.

Everyday should be given IMPORTANCE, as every moment has its SIGNIFICANCE. The joy of living comes in different forms and ways, and that's exactly why we should always wear a SMILE on our face.

Our brains should be fed with knowledge. Our hearts must be filled with love and kindness. For it's the only way to experience BEAUTY AT IT'S FINEST.

I was born on January 23rd, 1993 in Cedars-sinai Los Angeles California. I currently live in Davao City Philippines. Both of my parents are Filipino, and in blood, I am proud to be one too.

I love singing as much as i love dancing. I play volleyball and I also know how to play golf. I come from a family who loves food and spending quality time with their love ones.

I grew up with an optimistic way of perceiving things, and i guess that explains why I keep on going and never quit pushing. I know what i'm capable of, as my hopes are strongly driven by my faith.

The only thing that keeps me confident is knowing who I really am and where I come from. Without my personality and sense of identity I would be completely lost and a nobody.

I love my dogs as much as I love my friends-I love my friends as much as I love my boyfriend-and I love my boyfriend as much as I love my family. God has blessed me so much with the beautiful people around me, and that's the reason why I AM TRULY HAPPY :)

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