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One thing women are famous for are their lips. Women use their lips to attract men, even without saying anything. We can smile, pout, lick or even bite them. Some girls play with them or even goof around with them. Glossing our lips and coloring them with lipstick is also one way of expressing ourselves, bringing out the woman inside us, and showing our femininity to add points to our “sexy” :) 

I use Barbie by MAC, matte red #10 not only because it’s pretty, but because it brings out the beauty of a woman within me. HERE’S TO FEMININITY! :)

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LOVE yourself for who you really are and
BE HAPPY. Life is much better when you embrace yourself BOLDLY and FREELY.

Take the BEST things out of the worst, and always be THANKFUL. We are always BLESSED, even if we're doubtful.

Everyday should be given IMPORTANCE, as every moment has its SIGNIFICANCE. The joy of living comes in different forms and ways, and that's exactly why we should always wear a SMILE on our face.

Our brains should be fed with knowledge. Our hearts must be filled with love and kindness. For it's the only way to experience BEAUTY AT IT'S FINEST.

I was born on January 23rd, 1993 in Cedars-sinai Los Angeles California. I currently live in Davao City Philippines. Both of my parents are Filipino, and in blood, I am proud to be one too.

I love singing as much as i love dancing. I play volleyball and I also know how to play golf. I come from a family who loves food and spending quality time with their love ones.

I grew up with an optimistic way of perceiving things, and i guess that explains why I keep on going and never quit pushing. I know what i'm capable of, as my hopes are strongly driven by my faith.

The only thing that keeps me confident is knowing who I really am and where I come from. Without my personality and sense of identity I would be completely lost and a nobody.

I love my dogs as much as I love my friends-I love my friends as much as I love my boyfriend-and I love my boyfriend as much as I love my family. God has blessed me so much with the beautiful people around me, and that's the reason why I AM TRULY HAPPY :)

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